Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Its Official!!
I now sell in two stores 


Have spent the afternoon uploading everything into the latest store at RBL Designz in between purchasing some new CU items - plenty of ideas for them already so my head is close to bursting if I don't get them onto 'paper' as it were. 
So it looks like an evening of designing a few bits and bobs and see what happens with them :)

I have plenty of ideas for new kits and may even try something different just to see .......always changing bits in this job :) As you may have already noticed my logo has changed as well as my blogpage and Im quite happy with the end result ..........just have to figure out how to get the slideshow to work. Always so easy on my old blog but theyve changed it on this one and cant quite figure it out so if anyone has any idea how to do it please let me know :( It would be great to get my layouts on here as well as the ones done by the wonderful CT team at Digiscrap Dayz and also my wonderful friend Judy Case Deaver. I want you to be able to see all their wonderful work rather than having to scroll down every time

Anyway time to go again and enjoy my few days off work with a bit of designing :) 

Get over to the stores and grab a bargain or three while they are having their sales 

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