Saturday, 31 March 2012

Well everything was up and ready in my stores and I thought I could have a few days off with the designing as I already have a few things ready for May would you believe, BUT I got an idea in my head and started on it...........Originally was just going to be old style papers BUT I got a bit carried away and also made Tags, Brads, Postcards and Papers to match!
I loved them so much I thought that it would be cruel to keep them till next month so I am in the process of putting them in my stores now so they will be ready and available for tomorrow

These are all CU & PU OK 
and only $2.50 a set!!
But if you want a real bargain then you can buy the bundle for just $7.50!!!
5 for the price of 3!!

Get it now while you can!

Well here we are at the end of March already! Where does the time go??? It seems to be going so fast.or is it just my age lol

Well I have everything in my stores for April and there are quite a few new items
12 Commercial Use items as well as 2 kits for you

All the CU items are in store for just $2.50 each and the 2 kits are there at special prices as well

I love this kit and it is so big........20 papers and 79 elements for just $4.50

A beautiful little kit for easter with plenty of bunnies and eggs
12 papers and plenty of elements including wordart for just $2.00

all for just $2.50 each!!

So plenty of choice there for you at brilliant prices

Its also SIZZLING SATURDAY  at Digiscrap Dayz where many items are just $1.00 - definitely NOT to be missed there

Plenty of sales and bargains to be had in all my stores so get over there and grab yourself a bargain or three! 

Saturday, 24 March 2012

It's SIZZLING SATURDAY at Digiscrap Dayz

Many items at just $1.00!!!! 
Definitely a few bargains there for you including some of my items - kits and CU items

This is going to be a regular event with many different items each week so get over there and check it out!!

Ive been busy this week - had three days off work and managed to get all my Commercial Items done for April as well as some for May and June - how organised am I??? lol

So here is a preview of the Commercial (and Personal) Use items that will be in the store from April 1st

All the items will be on sale for just $2.50 each

Just have to work on the kits now and there will be at least two of them that will be my job for this week :) 

Still having 30% sale at Digiscrap Dayz and the weekly freebies are still there for you to grab
Check out all my stores - plenty of sales going on in them all so plenty of bargains to be had 

Friday, 23 March 2012

Come on Over to DigiScrap Dayz..we have many great designs for just $ shop till you drop

We are also in the last week of my 30% off sale and the final freebie is up for grabs at the store

So get over there tomorrow and grab yourself a bargain or three!

You can't afford not to at just $1.00 each!!!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Oh I love Spring start to the world with trees turning green and the flowers coming out, sunshine (now and again :/ ) and a feel good feeling all around

Its also the first day of the last week of freebies and I have a beautiful little mini kit for you 


Pick it up for FREE at my store in 

30% off everything in my store and plenty of bargains to be had
So get over there and grab yourself a bargain or three :)

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Again a busy week trying to organise my folders and files with all the work I have in them and hopefully I have managed to get it done ......we will see how 'organised' it is at a later date :)

But for now I have 2 new kits and 3 Paper Packs in my stores

The first kit is 
 done in shades of blue, green and brown
16 papers and 47 elements all for just $4.00

This next kit is 
 to celebrate Spring which officially starts on the 21st :) 
Done in shades of green and yellow it has 20 papers and 41 elements all for just $4.00 

Set of 6 papers saved at 300dpi jpg - PU & CU - $2.00

Set of 6 papers saved at 300dpi jpg - PU & CU - $2.00

Set of 7 papers saved at 300dpi jpg - PU & CU - $2.00

Both kits are Personal Use only but the paper packs are Commercial Use OK as well as Pu

Definitely a few bargains there for you :)

I also have a freebie for you
A beautiful Cluster Frame made from IT'S SPRING 

You can download it from my stores 
or from HERE

So that is everything for the rest of March in stores and ready for you to grab!

Don't forget I still have my 30% sale at Digiscrap Dayz as well as my weekly freebie - this week is a set of Frames and on the 22nd we have a lovely little mini kit - JOY 

Also there is the chance to grab the St Patricks CU Grab Bag FREE
All you have to do is spend $5.00 and you get the bag for free!!

So plenty of bargains to be grabbed in all my stores so pop over, have a look around and grab yourself a bargain or three!!!


Monday, 12 March 2012

As you all know by now I am the Designer of the Month for March in my store at DIGISCRAP DAYZ and as well as a 30% sale throughout the month on absolutely everything in my store I am also giving away some freebies each week

The first week 1 - 7 March was a tiled alphabet
The second week 8 - 14 March is a paper pack
Next week 15 - 21 March will be a set of frames
and the last week 22 - 31 March will be a mini kit named JOY

10 papers and 21 elements for you to use in your layouts

So gr\et over there and grab yourself a bargain or three!!

And dont forget ................if you spend $5.00 in the store you receive our St Patricks CU Grab Gab for FREE!! 

How many more bargains can we give you?????? :)

Sunday, 11 March 2012

At  last I am back up and computer decided it wanted a holiday again and stopped working for me! Think i may have been overworking the poor thing as last month the main hard drive decided to collapse on me and this month the power supply decided it had worked hard enough and went off to PC heaven :(  But now it has a new power supply as well as having a good wash and service :) 

So I have been hard at work trying to get some new items done and in the stores for you

I have a new kit - BEJEWELLED  -  as well as 2 new CU items

A beautiful kit done in shades of Burgundy and Teal 
16 papers and 38 elements

Just $3.50 in my stores

A set of 6 cut out ribbons
all saved at 300dpi in greyscale so you can colour as you wish
$2.50 in stores

A set of 6 Stitch Trails 
saved at 300dpi in greyscale png to colour as you wish
$2.50 in stores

Dont forget my 30% off sale in DIGISCRAP DAYZ as well as the weekly free gift which is a pack of papers this week. 
On the 15th there will also be a set of frames available and then on the 22nd I will have another freebie for you.............I am still working on that one but it should be done in the next couple of days and I will put a preview up so you can see what is in store for you :)

We also have a CU Grab Bag at Digiscrap Dayz

Just log in, spend $5.00 and put in  the code and you ave a grab bag full of goodies :)

Dont forget all the sales in the other stores as well .plenty of bargains to be had 

So pop over and grab yourself a bargain or three 

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

What a busy few hours Ive had................Have managed to get all my stock into my store at 

so everything is now up and running :)

So pop over there and check out what bargains there are as well as having a look around the other designers stores - some gorgeous work there 

Dont forget my sale of 30% off at DIGISCRAP DAYZ  as well as my store at RBL DESIGNZ

Sunday, 4 March 2012

This month just gets better :) 
I am now selling in another store 

I am so excited to be working alongside my wonderful friends Lynne Callister and Jacquii John and all the other wonderful designers on the site.
So now I am just trying to upload everything into the store and get started .............Its going to be a long job as I didnt realise how much stuff I had made since I started designing again lol 
Hopefully I should have them all up and ready to buy by the end of Tuesday........unfortunately I have a full day at work tomorrow but only half a day on Tuesday so should have them all finished by then (if not sooner if I can get myself sorted lol)

So watch out for some wonderful bargains coming up and plenty of new stuff - got plenty of ideas for new items floating around in my head - lots of unique elements as well as some nice full size kits - just got to get them all 'on paper' as they say

Dont forget my 30% sale through March at Digiscrap Dayz as well as plenty of bargains to be grabbed at RBL Designz and also Scrap It Sassy 

Grab yourself a bargain or three while you can 

And dont forget to grab the freebies available 
New one on the 8th :) 

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Busy Busy Busy........Ive managed to get two new items made this afternoon so a very productive day :)

There is a set of four overlays done in art deco style and also a set of four unique elements designed by myself

All saved at 300 dpi in png and both CU & PU allowed :)

Both in my stores for just $3.50 

So with 30% off they are an absolute bargain!!!

Check them and other items out right now

Another new item has been added to my stores .......
This is a set of four Overlays done in Art Deco style saved at 300dpi in png.
These have only been coloured for the preview so you can the effect

In my stores now for $3.50 

Commercial & Personal Use allowed
Its the weekend!!!! Thank Goodness as I seem to have been running non-stop all week between work, homelife and designing today is going to be a relaxing day with all the chores being done tomorrow.
So to start the weekend off in a good way I have put my latest kit into my stores......


This is a beautiful full size kit named after my youngest Grandaughter, Ruby Jade
Done in shades of Raspberry and Brown with 17 papers and 41 elements all saved at 300dpi

Just $4.00 in my stores 

Heres a layout done with it as well, with, of course, Ruby Jade in her brand new hat :)

so get over to my stores now and grab a  bargain or three

and dont forget I am having a sale of 30% through my whole store at Digiscrap Dayz

Get over there and have a look around :)

Thursday, 1 March 2012

I've been busy today trying to get this new kit finished and trying to get the preview done so you could see everything that is in this kit - 22 papers and 80 elements! 

On sale tomorrow  for just $5.00 in my stores!!
And dont forget you'll get 30% off that price all month at my store in Digiscrap Dayz


done in shades of blue, brown and cream, this kit will make your layouts look fantastic 

Here are the four separate previews so you can see everything a bit clearer :)

So get over there tomorrow and grab yourself a bargain or three and dont forget..