Wednesday, 29 February 2012

It's February 29th and that can only mean one thing :)......................................


And I am so pleased as I have been asked to be the Featured Designer of the Month during March in

So for the whole of March I will be having a 30% sale off all my items 


I also have a few freebies for you to go through the month.

Each week I will be putting in a different item for you (PU ONLY)

1st -  7th March is a beautiful Alphabet

8th -  15th March is a set of 5 papers

16th - 21st March is a set of four frames designed by myself

From the 22nd - 31st I am working on something different for you all so keep watching this Blog for more details

The Freebies will be available through the store so you need to log into the store through the link above and grab them while you can.

Dont forget to grab a bargain or three from my store - with 30% that is a big saving on many of them!
Dont forget to look through the other designers stores as well as they are also having sales 

Enjoy and Thank you for all your support 

Friday, 24 February 2012

Another productive few days and a few more CU & PU items for you.......I decided to have a clearout of my hard drive and there was so much stuff there that I had started but done nothing with so I have managed to get a few paper packs together as well as mats and frames. They will be added over the next few days though as there are so many....didnt realise how much I had done

But for now I have 4 sets of tags for you - both CU & PU ok and at a bargain price of $3.00 a pack

Firstly there are three packs of Sea Life Tags - 6 coloured and 6 black (for you to colour as you wish) in each pack with various cutouts -  shells, boats, fish and more

These will make your layouts and kits look great :)

Lastly (for now) I have done a set of 6 patterned Heart Tags - again CU & PU ok
$3.00 in my stores

So that's a start to the weekends new entries

So pop over to my store at

and grab yourself a bargain or three!!
Plenty of sales going on in both stores so have a good look around :)

Thursday, 23 February 2012

A new kit and, I hoped a new style but it isnt to be ........looks like I am sticking with the style I am used to :)
I tried to do a kit where there were a few different things in and not my usual list of elements but it kind of veered itself back to what I'm used to doing it looks like I won't be jumping into a new style straightaway but working into it slowly

Anyway this latest kit is called SUNSHINE and will be available in my stores tomorrow afternoon. 
Done in shades of yellow and blue it reminds me that Summer is not too far away now and the sun will soon be here - saying that, this is the UK and we dont get too much of the sun whatever time of year it is :) Hopefully this year will be different

So here's a preview of the kit as well as a layout I did of my gorgeous Grandaughter MaryFaith

12 papers (plus bonus paper) and 47 elements (including 2 Word Art)

all for just $4.00 in my stores

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Its Official!!
I now sell in two stores 


Have spent the afternoon uploading everything into the latest store at RBL Designz in between purchasing some new CU items - plenty of ideas for them already so my head is close to bursting if I don't get them onto 'paper' as it were. 
So it looks like an evening of designing a few bits and bobs and see what happens with them :)

I have plenty of ideas for new kits and may even try something different just to see .......always changing bits in this job :) As you may have already noticed my logo has changed as well as my blogpage and Im quite happy with the end result ..........just have to figure out how to get the slideshow to work. Always so easy on my old blog but theyve changed it on this one and cant quite figure it out so if anyone has any idea how to do it please let me know :( It would be great to get my layouts on here as well as the ones done by the wonderful CT team at Digiscrap Dayz and also my wonderful friend Judy Case Deaver. I want you to be able to see all their wonderful work rather than having to scroll down every time

Anyway time to go again and enjoy my few days off work with a bit of designing :) 

Get over to the stores and grab a bargain or three while they are having their sales 

Monday, 20 February 2012

My latest kit - MY MAN  - is now in store at a bargain price of just $3.00 at 

Here's a preview again as well as a layout I have done of it with, of course, My Man :)

and as from tomorrow I will be selling in another store at 

so watch for a few bargains there as well

Plenty of offers and sales in both stores so pop over and grab yourself a bargain or three :)

A brand new kit coming to my stores within the next 24 hours 


A wonderful kit done in shades of Grey and Green for those men in our lives. Textured papers with a leather effect as well as Plaids, Stripes, Diamonds and patterned.

20 papers saved at 300dpi 12 x 12 jpg and 35 elements saved at 300dpi png

A definite bargain at just $3.00

This will be available within the next 24 hours so keep an eye out for it :)

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Judy Case Deaver has been weaving her magic again with two of my kits - The Old Garden and The Rose Garden.
These two beautiful layouts were done with both kits

Absolutely gorgeous every time so a MASSIVE BIG Thank You Judy for all your work .....You make the kits look fantastic :)

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Freebie :)

Well I have managed to get 2 freebie Mini Kits into the store for you.
The kits are done in shades of Green, Cream and White and to help you celebrate St Patrick's Day.

This is a kit I did a while ago and have amended  and split into two minis for you

To get them you have to go over to 

and put them in your cart

Both have 6 papers and 22 elements 
The papers are the same in both kits but many of the elements are different
so pop over......grab the Freebies .....and have a look around 

This weekend has been a busy one already for me and I'm only half way through it :)

Today I managed to create a few new items for CU & PU and they are already in my store at great prices 

There are two packs of clips - silver effect and gold effect with 6 in each pack  as well a set of unique elements which I designed myself.
Then I decided to offer the clips as a 'make your own clip' pack so there are three packs - Metal Flower Shapes, Metal Beads and Plastic Beads
And to make it an even better offer you can buy them in a Bundle and save $1.50

Here's a few previews of them so you can see what is on offer

My Designing head seems to be well and truly screwed on this week so I'm off to do some more and see what I can come up with for you all :)

Check out my store at 

Plenty of sales on and plenty of bargains to be grabbed

Friday, 17 February 2012

This week I have two new kits in my store - both with a garden theme. 

First one is THE OLD GARDEN

Done in a vintage style with 20 papers and 41 elements ranging from garden items to bows and ribbons in shades of green and brown and cream

In store for just $3.00


This kit is done in shades of Red and Cream with plenty of Roses in both white and red with 15 papers and 53 elements

In store for just $3.50

Here are a couple of layouts done with the kits

My Beautiful Niece - Jennifer Rose 
Kit: The Rose Garden

Two Photos that I took last summer - we are lucky to have a large lake near our home and it is glorious in the summer with all the birds and plants
Kit: The Old Garden

So pop over to my store at
and get yourself a bargain or two 

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Here are a few layouts done by the wonderful CT team at DIGISCRAP DAYZ  with two of my kits - Scatty Hearts and Dance Away

Thank you Brandy and Melanie :)  

Scatty Hearts by Brandy

Dance Away by Melanie

And of course we have two beautiful layouts by Judy Case Weaver from my kit - Cinnamon

Thank you Ladies for all your hard work and making my kits 'work' :) xx

Monday, 13 February 2012

Well I have had one busy weekend with regards to designing........I had a look at some pictures I had and decided to try turning them into overlays which I managed to do...over 150 new overlays for me to try :) Then I finished a kit I had started midweek named SWEET PINK. Done in shades of pink and white it is just right for the little girls in our lives......
Only $3.00 in my store at 

Here's a layout I did of my Grandaughter Ruby Jade with her new haircut :) 

Then today I decided to try out some of the new overlays and it just evolved into a kit - THE OLD GARDEN. Done in shades of Cream, Rust Brown and Green it is just perfect for the old style photos we have waiting to be scrapped. Done in a vintage style it has plenty of garden items to use to make the layout extra special. I'm quite pleased with how this kit has turned out witht he lovely blend of colours
At only $3.00 in my store

Grab a bargain while you can 

Thursday, 9 February 2012

What a busy week I have had ........quite a few new items in the store even though I had a major catastrophe!!! On Monday night, just after I had uploaded the Cluster Frames to the store, my main hard drive decided to collapse on me :(  Luckily I have a massive Slave Drive that I keep all my scrapping stuff on so that didnt get damaged in any way. On Tuesday I managed to get another Drive and get it put in and then just down to reinstalling my programmes again. 
And then back to work with more designing :) 
I have done 2 Quick pages with the 'JESSICA' and 'COOL BLUE' kits as well as a new Kit named CINNAMON

The Quick Pages are on sale at $1.50 each and the Kit is on sale at $3.00

Cinnamon is done in shades of Burgundy and Dark Orange with loads of cute little calico style Rabbits in there as well - 15 papers and 48 elements 
Check out the previews below



CINNAMON - $3.00

And a layout done with CINNAMON - My Grandaughter Ruby Jade

So a few more things for you to look at and grab while they are at a bargain price 
Get over to 

Monday, 6 February 2012

A set of 3 Cluster Frames for you to use in both layouts and kits.
Commercial and Personal Use allowed
All saved at 300dpi in png format and only $2.00 in my store

Grab the bargains while you can ......special prices are only on until the 14th February and then they will go to normal get in there quickly
Well I definitely ad my designing head on tonight and had an idea lodged in there that I couldn't get rid of so had to put it into a kit :) Done in shades of green and red, this kit is called SCATTY HEARTS and is full of hearts and fun - ready for the Valentine Day pictures that you need to scrap

This will be in my store at
in the next 24 hours so keep an eye open for it 
On sale at $3.00 while my special prices are on till the 14th February

My wonderful friend, Judy Case Deaver has been busy with some of my new kits and has done me some beautiful layouts and here they are for you to see




Aren't they gorgeous?? Thank you so much Judy for taking the time to use the kits 

Watch out for some more gorgeous layouts from her soon 

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Well we have another new kit in the store at 

This is a beautiful vintage style kit done in shades of blue with lace and jewellery to help adorn the layouts

17 papers and 44 elements

 in store at just $3.00!

and here's a layout I did with some of the items in the kit
My Auntie (in law) Loretta in her younger days - I love this photo of her - so beautiful :)

Go and grab yourself a bargain now :)

Thursday, 2 February 2012

3 sets of papers for Commercial or personal Use
all saved at 300dpi in 12 x 12 jpg

A set of 7 pastel coloured papers with a grunge effect

A set of 6 vintage style papers perfect for your vintage layouts or kits

A set of 7 brightly coloured papers with a grunge effect