Thursday, 9 February 2012

What a busy week I have had ........quite a few new items in the store even though I had a major catastrophe!!! On Monday night, just after I had uploaded the Cluster Frames to the store, my main hard drive decided to collapse on me :(  Luckily I have a massive Slave Drive that I keep all my scrapping stuff on so that didnt get damaged in any way. On Tuesday I managed to get another Drive and get it put in and then just down to reinstalling my programmes again. 
And then back to work with more designing :) 
I have done 2 Quick pages with the 'JESSICA' and 'COOL BLUE' kits as well as a new Kit named CINNAMON

The Quick Pages are on sale at $1.50 each and the Kit is on sale at $3.00

Cinnamon is done in shades of Burgundy and Dark Orange with loads of cute little calico style Rabbits in there as well - 15 papers and 48 elements 
Check out the previews below



CINNAMON - $3.00

And a layout done with CINNAMON - My Grandaughter Ruby Jade

So a few more things for you to look at and grab while they are at a bargain price 
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